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Information Management

Information management (IM) is the collection and management of information from one or more sources and the distribution of that information to one or more audiences. This sometimes involves those who have a stake in, or a right to that information. Management means the organization of and control over the planning, structure and organisation, controlling, processing, evaluating and reporting of information activities in order to meet client objectives and to enable corporate functions in the delivery of information.

Information, as we know it today, includes both electronic and physical information. The organizational structure must be capable of managing this information throughout the information lifecycle regardless of source or format (data, paper documents, electronic documents, audio, video, etc.) for delivery through multiple channels that may include cell phones and web interfaces.

We give managers the tools they need to operate and managing the company with real Data. The result of good management of information lead to success. Softpanou will take any information project from alpha to Omega and deliver the tools the company needs to collect information.

Please contact us for your information management project and the following will take place

  • Develop - Developing, collecting data and Changing your physical paper based Data Collection to an Electronic Software
  • Protect - Protecting the Data you are collected with diferrent techniques
  • Manage - Managing the collection of data by allowing proper user to collect and deliver Data
  • Distribute - Distributing the Data using different recources.