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Cross Platform Development

Our mobile applications development expertise includes the most popular mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android OS. It is these platforms that are making mobile usage very popular, and increasing the market penetration of smartphone devices. Enterprise businesses target a wider audience that uses a great range of devices.

Softpanou lso keeps device diversity in mind, which is an important aspect of developing apps for Android devices. Our custom solutions are not only platform specific, but they are also developed to utilize the innate strengths of specific devices.

Porting Web/Desktop Applications into mobile

Enterprise businesses with a seamlessly functioning IT infrastructure that is made up of numerous legacy applications can further improve their functional efficiency with migration to a mobile platform.

We take a legacy application and give it the power of mobility, providing businesses with the agility they need in the highly competitive business world. Applications ported to the iOS or Android platforms are not only infused with the functionality of legacy applications, but also the high performance features of the respective mobile OS.
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